Construction Site Injuries

Michigan Job Site Injuries Lawyers

Construction sites can be very dangerous places to work, and the general contractor and others have the responsibility for taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of every worker on the site. When that responsibility is not met and serious injuries occur, construction workers have the right to seek damages from any negligent parties.

If you have suffered a serious injury on a construction site, you should have an experienced Detroit construction accidents attorney review your case as soon as possible. At the Bloomfield Hills based law firm of Hopkins & Forhan, we represent clients throughout Michigan in all types of construction accident cases.

Seeking Fair Compensation for Construction Site Injuries

Our attorneys have substantial experience with construction accident cases. We have successfully resolved cases involving neck and back injuries, brain injuries, caused by falling accidents, safety violations, actions of the general contractor or another subcontractor, unmarked hazards in unfinished sections and many others.

These cases can become quite complex due to the multiple parties that could be held accountable for your injuries. Depending on the circumstances of the case, we may have to file suit against property owners, general contractors and/or subcontractors. We prepare every case as if it is going to trial and we will not back down from a fight for your rights.